Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Black Bonanza!!

Hello everybody!!Recently got hooked onto Gamefowls!!

This breed of gamefowl is known as "The Black Bonanza" created by
the Famous "Jerry Douglas"

Imported one Trio of this breed of Gamefowl from The U.S.A,
thanks to my fellow friend who is a breeder of this Famous line in the U.S.A.

Below here is my "BLACK BONANZA" gamefowl
Costs me quite an amount of money just to get this breed into Brunei
But it was worth every cent I paid!!
Haven't taken the pics of the hens as They are being conditioned to be bred to this Fowl!!

Looked at the Colour of this birds!!
Fanstatic Gamefowl!!I love it very much!!

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