Monday, 14 June 2010

Betta Show in Panaga Club!!Spread the words people!!

Hey Guys on the 19th of June,I will be Organizing one small betta exhibition showcasing of abt 50 or soo different types of show-bettas!!
From Finnage of Crowntails to Halfmoon n Halfmoon plakat!!

Venue is at Panaga Club located at Seria!For those that u don't know the place..try asking someone to help u guys!!!

This is a one-day event only!!

This is due to the highland games which Panaga club has organised and the panaga committee decided to rent out some stall to people to sell their product n make the event more PANAS!!
The time start at 7am till afternun 5pm!!But i will be there around 6am juz to get ready to setup my show-racks!!

And i had to pay one stall's rent juz to showcase my bettas to newcomers!!

Snakes n reptiles exhibition will also be on the showcase AT PANAGA but do bring some cash as theirs need entrance fee ticket whereas mine is FOC(Free Of Charge!!)

This is to promote this betta hobby to newcomers who have not seen such beautiful bettas b4!!soo spread the words guys..

I need Your support to make this event a successful one!!

Pairs will be available but will only be selling a few type of pairs only!!
Rejected,old or etcetcetc show bettas will be selling off cheap starting from $3 to $25 a pieces but jangan complainlaa bila tengok ikannya tidak cantik coz sudah namanya macam

So I hope to see u guys there on June 19 at Panaga Club!!Maybe we could even have a betta chat n who know in the future maybe form a really successful betta club in Brunei Darussalam!!

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