Friday, 30 July 2010

I'm in Perth

It's been a long time since i last updated my blog!!I'm now in Perth n its freezing like hell to me n keeping bettas is not allowed in my hostel so my betta hobby has to stop for now until i come back for holiday on December!!Where all my bettas now is being maintained by my dad!!

Went to checkup petshop in perth n one normal veil tail fighting fish cost $10aussie dollar..that brunei $12..where we can get in hua ho for just $1.80..if i can breed veiltail waa..untunglaa me!!haha

If all goes according to plan maybe I could have a betta competition or betta show!!but for now it's study time for me in perth!!

Just to show some bettas which i havent posted it up longlong time ago!!Plan to at least blog once a week so as to keep the blog alive!!After finally getting internet for me!!

here are some fishes to display!!

Black orchid Crowntail Male

Mustard Gas Butterfly HmpkFancy Halfmoon

Extended Red doubletail Halfmoon
Red Marble Halfmoon

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