Friday, 18 June 2010

The day b4 the betta exhibition!!

Hey everyone this is my stall number!!juz habis setting up the show-betta racks..n gonna simplify what haf done 2day juz for this event!!

First prepare the bottle for fish two days ahead of the actual event!!

Then 2day selected show-bettas n tapao wid newspaper..My love was here to help tapao with me!!

Then habis tapao all the show-bettas n rejected bettas!!

This one is show-bettas tapao in newspaper lore!!Then this is the overall pictures!!

Then next up,20mins drive to panaga club to setup our things!!
Had to walk 50m apart from carpark to our stall like 20plus times juz to carry in the bottles n racks..Mati GAOGAO LAA!!

U can check how i walk from the stall to the carpark juz to bring in the things..My car is the white suzuki car next to landcruiser!!Pengsanlaa..carrying all these things!!
Dad come to the rescue!!haha!!
Then we finally started to setup the racks!!

Took us some time but dad finally tau setup for me!!
One rack done,one more to go!!

Then started on the second racks!!Took another 20mins to get it done!!
Then it was done n started filling in the 8bottles on each rack!!

The finishing touch!!

Then finally done with the setup in 1hours plus..finish packing the fish in 3hours plus..soo overall juz to make a small betta exhibition take me 4hrs plus..but it was worth it!!
Check out the sweat on my body!!Really work like bull!!

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