Tuesday, 22 June 2010

4 for $100

Here is another Package of 4 Fishes for $100..Fishes are from 3months plus..Very Nice Fishes here!!All are price individually but take all n yes it is 4 for $100..Fishes are very active n healthy!!Owez flaring with other bettas!!Grab it quick while You can!!

Added another fish as the Black Panda is sold thanks to buyer!!:D

1)White Fancy Hmpk-$35

2)Green Alien Marble Monster-$35(Pattern will change again not fixed)
3) "Black Panda" a.k.a "Black Copper Marble"-$20(sold)
4)Red Copper Halfmoon Plakat-$30

5)Lavender Grey Hmpk-$40

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