Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Day of the Event!!

The day has finally arrived n was very busy all-day long teaching ppl abt the beauty of show-bettas!!Thanks to all that have come for the support n viewing of my fishes..couldn't named all of them coz they were too many who came n was very supportive!!Giving me feedback on what i should do to improve n make the next event more successful..
Will try my best to make it a better event next time!!

Sorry that i din't take much pictures coz my camera wasn't with me at that time..n sorry to most of u who came but dint get to take pictures with u!!

N now juz gonna simplify what i haf done for yesterday event!!

First ppl of the day to view my fish!!

Kids from the Panaga highland Games checking out the fishes!!Had to teach them abt the various finnage of show-bettas n they were quite happy to learn new things!!
Giving some ideas of the beauty of show-bettas to one fellow uncle!!

Came all the way down from Bandar just to have a look!!Eric of bettahouses in the pink shirt n his friends,lala wearing glasses
checking out the Black-Orchid crowntails!!Eric went crazy n bought a pair!!

Eric was sweating alot n offered him 100-plus minum but he was juz too focused of the black-orchid that he just left the drinks on the racks!!Talk abt betta-fever!!lol

Overall of how the show looks like!!
Thank u very much to my love n dad who had help alot to setting up this event!!
N Happy Father Day to my Dad!!

Then after a whole day of showing bettas,it was time to packed everything up!!My love emptying the bottle n covering up the lids n getting ready to bring it back home!!

Me helping out to empty the bottles!!
After 30mins of packing up the things,this is how it looks like..

Before show
Last but not least,thanks u again to all who have come n supported me for this show!!
Promise to make it a better show next time we meet again!!

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