Sunday, 27 June 2010

Super Red Arowana Dragon!!

I call this fish here the "SUPER RED AROWANA DRAGON!!"..
AGED AROUND 4MONTHS PLUS!!just found this unique piece while changing water..
Had to take a pic of it as it keep on flaring for me in front of the camera!!
It's in very top-form!!
It is for sale for $35..SUCH pieces are very hard to get coz of its unique pattern!!
Pair is available for $80!!

Check out the top-view!!looks like Arowana!!
One straight line of red!!

And this is the side-view of the fish!!Good CAUDAL-spread!!
Masking of fish is very bright n will still develop around the side-ways!!
Broad And Straight dorsal!!
To me i think it's a very good breeder to start breeding Red dragons also!!
So hurry up n grab it quick!!cheers:D

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  1. Yes l wud like to purchase. Email details pls. or call at 6017-3537373