Monday, 28 June 2010

Guinea Pigs pair for sale!!(sold!!)

(Sold to FV!!!!)

Here is a post to help my friend sell his guinea pigs!!
Aged around 2months plus!!
Cute n Chubby!!
Wont bite your hand but need a bit of attention
to groom it as it is still young!!
Price is $35 a piece but if u take a pair,
he is willing to give for $60 a pair nett!!

Here are the pictures!!

1)Female-(Tri-colour guinea pig)
Very unique pattern with evenly spread black n brown in between the body
whereas the head is white!!

From top-view!!
The side-view of the female!!

And this is the matching pair!!The Male!!
View from side-view!!

The side-view from the other side of the male!!

From top-view!!

Another view of its top-view!!

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