Friday, 25 March 2011

Labang anyone??Interested??

Just before test is coming up for me!!Just do some blogging to release stress!!
And today will be about Gamefowls!!Currently breeding White fowls!!
But also have some other colours so just stay tuned guys!!XD
Just some post of gamefowls!!These are known as Labang in the local language of gamefowls!!Not much to talk about but do enjoys some of our pics guys!!
Just give comment on the chatbox for interested parties!!

1)Labang ONE

2)Labang Two

3)Labang Kelso

4)Labang White legged!!

5)White Straight-Comb

6)Labang Zamboanga yellow legged

7)Pea-Comb White Kelso


9)Labang Kuba

10)Labang Kelangsi

And this one is our secret weapon!!Labang with Blue-legged!!
Super Rare and Hard to Breed!!
The skills of this fowls is also very good!!

Labang Blue-legged!!

One more of it!!

Last but not least!!

The breeding hideout in somewhere in our kampong!!XD

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