Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bettas from KLCC Aquafair Competition!!

Here they are as promised, Betta pictures from KLCC Aquarfair competition!!
Most of the pictures here are winners from the competition!!I would say that it was not a well-organised competition compared with Singapore but better than Brunei.

As Brunei couldn't even have a proper competition as I couldn't get the support needed from the big guys.

Sad to say this as I'm a Bruneians but this is fact guys!!!
Meanwhile enjoy the pictures guys!!

Me & my girlfriend!!Behind the scenes were fellow judges deciding on the Grand Champion for Bettas!!

After the judging sessions, had a little chat with the judges talking about Betta Macrostoma!!Mr.Walden and Mr.Joty were quite keen on this topic!!

A photo sessions with fellow judges from Aquafair!!
On my right is Mr.Walden Nida from the U.S.A
and Mr.Joty Atmadjaja from Indonesia
and of course Macro Dad!!

And finally met up with my uncles from Indonesia!!Qualified IBC Judge, Uncle Hermanus Haryanto(Red shirt) from Indonesia and his friend,
Uncle Charlie Wijaya(light-coloured shirt) from Indonesia.
Gave me his signature Purple Dragons as a birthday gift!!Thanks for the Gifts!!

Next on, pictures of winning fishes from Aquafair!!Not going to name the name of the fishes!!just enjoy the pics!!

Here are Winner of the Best in their Respective Categories!!The Grandchampion was A Fancy Doubletail Halfmoon which wasn't to my taste!!I was hoping for the Grizzle Halfmoon to be the Grandchampion!!Overall Mr.Walden voted for the Grizzle as Grandchampion whereas Mr.Joty selected the Crowntail and two other fellow judges selected the Doubletail!

Here is the Grandchampion!!
Why it shouldn't have won!!
1)Colour doesn't really amazed me as i have seen much better fancies!!
2)Can't see the splits although it's a doubletail!!
3)Body was abit croocked if u noticed the shape just before the head!!
But it's still an amazing fish just not to my taste!!
Respect to the breeder who bred this beautiful fish!!
Best of Halfmoon Plakat
Monster Marble HMPK
Best of Crowntail
Steel Blue Crowntail
Best of Halfmoon!!
Grizzle Halfmoon!!
This is the Fish i was hoping it to be grandchampion but din't get it!!
but no worries it's still an amazing fish!!
The pictures of the fish says it all!!

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