Saturday, 23 April 2011

Red Lines of Gamefowls!!

Today Finally got some time to blog since its Easter Holiday IN Perth now!!
Post of today will be about Red Gamefowls!!
Not much to say!!Just enjoy the pictures guys!!
We specialised in breeding Green-legged Pea Comb Hatch Mclean,
Yellow-Legged Pea-Comb Sweater lines, and Pea-Comb White Legged Lacy Roundhead lines!!

1)Lacy-Roundhead Stags(sold)

2)Yellow-Legged Sweater(SOLD)

3)Cross Asil x Lacy Roundhead Lines(not for sale)(Breeding Purposes!!)

4)Sweater Stag(Booked)

5)My Hatch Mclean Broodcock x4 Winner(Fast,Accurate shuffler)

6)Sweater Lemon x3 Winner,(might sale if price is right)
(Smart,avoiding shufflers from opponents and accurate cuts to vital organs!!)
In the local Language i think it's Biring Tasau Tupong
(Tupong coz its featherless at the ass!!)

7)Our Lacy Roundhead Lines

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