Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Japanese Ranchus Anyone??

Here is the Post Of Japanese Ranchu!!
For those who don't know Japanese Ranchu..Japanese Ranchu is admired from the top-view!!not side-view!!noticed all the pics are from top-view!!
This is how u appreciate the beauty of Japanese Ranchu!!
N to those who think that Japanese Ranchu cost only few dollar that sell in hua ho or local fish shop!!DREAM ON guys!!u wont get such price for such fish!!
Tell me honestly how many Bruneians are willing to pay few hundres for a goldfish?
I would say honestly none coz alot are not willing to pay for such price!!
Used to import them from Japan way back in 2000,but sadly all gone sudah!It's been 10years oledi!!
One costs me at least $150 per piece..crazy but yea thats what we pay for such fishes!!
But no complain was definitely worth the price for such quality!!Next up Ayam Sabong or maybe Japanese koi!!
Hence,nevertheless do enjoys this pictures guys!!

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