Wednesday, 2 March 2011

KLCC aquaworld!!

Before i come back to brunei went to kl holiday. We went to the aquaworld in klccfair.

People viewing the exhibiton!!

Electric EEL!!


Me n my girlfriend took some photos at Klcc.

We went through the tunnel, and it was okay. I think the one at Singapore is longer than this one but different feelings for two trips. Hee. Somehow I told mom that the stingray is smiling in this photo and mom said my life is just getting bored..... *sound of crickets*

Everyone said my girlfriend is strangling that poor little Wallaby. The below one is a 3D one but it's not so 3D.

Merry Christmas Guy!!

Before we got out of the exhibition, it was feeding time and people were gathering around sitting on the floor watching Santa feeding the fish!


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