Saturday, 14 May 2011

Some awesome-quality bettas!!

Here is some halfmoon which i saw while browsing through n thought that all of them were awesome-quality bettas!!Enjoy the pics!!not much to say or blog about!!Not available for sale coz not mine so don't ask!!

1)Sky-Hawk Mustard-Gas Butterfly

2)Fancy Red Marble Butterfly Halfmoon

3)Pineapple Halfmoon

4)Yellow Halfmoon

5)Orange Patterned Halfmoon

6)Orange Skyhawk halfmoon

7)Blue Butterfly Halfmoon

8)Mustard Gas butterfly halfmoon
 9)Platinum White Halfmoon
 10)Orange-Black Butterfly Halfmoon
 11)Orange Dragon Skyhawk Halfmoon

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