Thursday, 6 January 2011

New YeaR sALES!!(sold)

a NEW YEAR so gonna give some discount to some bettas on offer!!

Here is a pair that is for sale!!
This breed is known as the Mustard Gas Halfmoon!!
Very nice n stout body n is in very top form!!

Male is already building thick bubblenest indicating it want to breed!!
Female's belly is full of egg n ready to breed once it reaches ur home..

Female has the same pattern but also adding a butterfly effect!!This pair is going for $80(Discounted from the original $90)..
Soo hurry up n grab it quick!!

Male Fish here can be sold individually if interested!!
But not for Female!!Thanks!!

1)Mustard Gas Male Halfmoon

2)Mustard Gas Butterfly Female Halfmoon

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