Saturday, 8 January 2011

4 for $100 betta sales!!(sold)

Some more new fishes for sale for the new year!!
The Lavender Hmpk n Platinum Red Dragon Plakat are aged around 5 to 6 months whereas the crowntails are aged around 4 to 5 months!!
Grizzle Gold crowntail is a very unique colour n is recommended to serious hobbyist!!
All the fishes are very active n flare constantly and building thick bubblenest indicating it's healthy n want to breed!!
All fishes are priced individually but if bought as a package is 4 for $100..
Live Viewing is available if interested do msg me!!

1)Lavender Hmpk-$30

2)Platinum Red dragon Plakat-$203)Grizzle Gold Maskot Crowntail(RARE COLOUR!!)-$45
4)Turqoise Crowntail-$35

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