Saturday, 8 January 2011

3 Show Quality Halfmoon for $100(sold out)

Here is some of my favourite Halfmoon up for grab!!
All fishes are very active n keep flaring n constantly building thick bubblenest!!
All are prized individually but if taken all as a package would be 3 for $100

This colour is known as Platinum Gold Butterfly(Hard to Get colour!!). The fish itself speak for its colour!!
This fish is going for $50.
Available for Live-Viewing but for serious buyers only!!thanks!!

Here is another halfmoon which i personally liked very much..
So much transformation has changed since A month ago when i Jarred it!!
Steel marble butterfly Halfmoon-$50

After 1month changed!!
The butterfly effect is more stronger!!
Ventral fins is very broad!!
Dorsal seems like a skyhawk dorsal!!

Last but not least one of my favourite also..
this halfmoon is known as the royal blue marble Halfmoon
This piece is going for $40

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