Sunday, 9 May 2010

Turqoise,Royal Blue And Steel Blue

Green Bettas can be known as Turquoise because the color usually has a Blue tint. This mutated gene has been named spread Iridescence because the normal Green pigment has been increased in density and extended in distribution to cover the entire whole fish. This mutant gene causes the Betta to appear solid Green in color except around the head.

STEEL BLUE whereby are produced by a color mutation gene. The normal Green color is altered and appears as a Steel Blue color instead of Green. Neither the normal Green gene nor the mutated Steel Blue gene is dominant over the other. These genes interact to produce a blending of the two colors into a new color, the Royal Blue coloration.

BLUE BETTAS are also known as Royal Blue Bettas. As stated above these fish have one normal Green gene and one mutated Steel Blue gene which combine to produce an intermediate Blue color. Many feel that this is the most beautiful Iridescent color.

Some find it difficult to comprehend that a spawning between a Green and a Steel Blue will produce only Blue offspring, but it is true. Some representative spawning results for the three Iridescent colors are presented below...

N the formula is...

Male parent X Female parent = Offspring
1)Green X Green = 100%Green
2)Green X Royal Blue = 50% of Green And Royal Blue
3)Steel Blue X Steel Blue = 100%Steel Blue
4)Steel Blue X Royal Blue = 50% of Steel Blue And Royal Blue
5)Steel Blue X Green = 100%Royal Blue
6)Royal Blue X Royal Blue = 25% Of Green And Steel Blue,50% of Royal Blue

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