Wednesday, 19 May 2010

4 FOR $100(Sold out)

Here are another 4pieces that i recently jarred!!They are aged around 2 to 3 months plus..very nice fishes here!!All fishes are priced individually but if u take all its altogether $100..Grab it quick while u can!!Fishes are very active n keep flaring...(Added one more fish to make it 4 for $100 as Black Orchid is booked thanks to quick response from buyer)

ALL SOLD OFF!!!Thank u very much for the quick response n support given by You!!
May u Enjoy Taking care of These Beautiful Bettas that u have acquired!!

1)Black Orchid Ct-$40

2)Orange Dalmation Halfmoon-$30

3)Orange crowntail-$30

4)Red Dragon Hmpk-$40

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