Monday, 24 May 2010

5 Fishes for $100!!(Sold out)

5 f Here are 5 FISHES up for grab!!Aged around 4months plus!!
Very nice fishes offered here especially the Aqua-Pink Crowntail(created by my frenz when she saw this fish) n the Salamander Masked Hmpk!!As usual It's 4 for $100..but I'm letting a Free Salamander Hmpk here for free..So it's 5 for $100..soo grab it quick while u can!!I'm offering this offer until the end of May!!

1)Free Salamander Hmpk

2)Lavender Butterfly Hmpk-$30

3)Purple Fancy Butterfly-$30

4)"The Mask" a.k.a Masked Salamander HMPK

5)The Aqua-Pink Crowntail-$40
(The real things looks fantastic!!)

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