Friday, 11 January 2013

Some more bettas for sale!!sold out

Buy more to get more discounts!!for serious buyers pls whatsapp to 8621188..

                         Monster Full Mask Yellow Blue Marble Dragon Halfmoon Plakat-$50 sold

Platinum White hmpk - $60 sold

Royal Blue full mask hmpk-$50booked

White Lavender Dumbo-$60 extra big pectoral fins!!(sold)

Super Red hmpk champion lines-$60 sold out 

Yellow gold halfmoon - $30 sold

Fancy dragon $45 sold

Super Red halfmoon champion lines -$100 sold



Orange hmpk-$50sold

Orange Koi fancy -$60 sold

Salamander Dragon Halfmoon "skyhawk" -$50sold

Mustard Gas Monster Marble-$45 sold

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