Monday, 24 December 2012

Some Show-quality bettas for sale!!for serious buyers only!!(sold out)

Buy more to get more discounts!!for serious buyers pls whatsapp to 8621188..

Snakeskins Marble Yellow-Green Marble dragon HMPK-$50 sold

Blue Mustard Dragon Halfmoon -$50 sold

Fancy Halfmoon plakat - $50 sold

Mustard Gas Halfmoon-$50 (sold)

Fancy Dragon Halfmoon butterfly - $40 (sold)

Fancy Dragon Hmpk-$50 (sold)

Fancy Hmpk-$50 sold

Full mask royal blue marble dragon hmpk-$60 sold!!

Symmetrical Hmpk -$30 

Red dragon hmpk-$50 sold

Super DUmbo Halfmoon-$80 sold!! 

Mustard Gas halfmoon $30 (booked)

Fancy dragon -$25(booked)

Pineapple vanda hmpk-$50  sold

Super Red halfmoon champion lines -$80 per piece available in pairs!!sold 

Superblack Hmpk $80 sold out 

Superblack hmpk $80 sold!!

Black fancy-$50 sold

Black and white hmpk "shiro utsuri" hmpk -$60 

Black and red Fire hmpk -$60 sold

fancy dragon -$25 sold

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