Saturday, 2 February 2013

3 for $ the best 3 pieces!!sold out

In this post,will be letting go if only by taking at least 3 of the fishes,minimum 3 pieces for $45 meaning to say $15 each!!Reason i'm selling this cheap is because they are fin-damaged breeders already!!

but if taken care properly will grow back to its full beauty!!attached here are the pics of them in top form!!

Very healthy and active fishes building thick bubblnest!!

for serious breeders,this are good catch,for normal hobbyist still a good experience to try-out n grow their tail back to normal form!
Lavender Dragon halfmoon $30

Lavender DraGON bUTTERFLY Halfmoon - $40

Platinum White Halfmoon $50  2pieces available!!

Purple-Red halfmoon -$40

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