Monday, 25 July 2011

Python said Hi to me!!

Since living in my house for so long,never have I encountered python in my home,where my place is quite developed with houses and not jungle??
Shocking absolutely Shocking!!!!
Don't know whether this was a set-up or what but PLEASE TO ALL Snake Hobbyist if u can't maintained what u raised!!Don't raised them!!
 Have it released to the wild not to some other people home unless that people want to keep your snake!!Ball pythons are good snake to start with but not reticulated python as they can grow into very big snake and may not be handled alone or you will be dinner for them!!
Be serious into taking care of your pet not just trying to show to people that you have the money to keep such animals!!
Somehow I don't know whether this snake hobbyist can't handle the snake and drop it at my place as an advanced birthday gift for me although i din't wish for one!!

So far two serious snake keepers that I know are good friend of mine!Marvin reptiles and Edshal Reptiles!!Others i think are just ass itchy mau ikut fashion..But please Bruneians Proved me wrong alright!!
Hope my instinct was wrong and that this snake came all the way from the jungle of Kuala Balai and drop-by my house of Mumong FOR SOME KFC!!

So the story goes like this!!
Once A Upon a time,Out of the blue moon, when I was in Perth doing my further Study,suddenly one 9 to 10 foots python named Reticulated Python drop-by my home to have dinner/supper!!Had one fresh "KFC" which would cost me around $350 A piece!!!

The next morning,was found by my maid at the backyard and she calmly handled the snake instead of calling BOMBA and transferred it into a rice-sack!!I suspect it's not wild cause it was handled alone by my superMAID!!I asked her whether the snake tried attacking her but she said no and was quite tamed to move it into the rice-sack!!

So a lesson learned to guys out there keeping snake as pets!! Don't be those itchy ass that just want to show off to people that you have kept such pets before but truly love them!!

Picture of the snake in the rice-sack!!


Released into the wild jungle of Brunei far-far away from Civilians Harm on the next day by my dad!!
Was told by my Dad,that he had no problem taking the python out from the rice-sack and released it into the wild!!
Happily going away into the river!!

Going into the jungle!!

See ya when i see you!!But not in my house!!

One-last view of the snake!!

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