Monday, 22 February 2010

Some More fishes for Sale after Chinese New Year!!

Here are some fishes just Jarred just b4 CNY..finally gt time to take some pics of dem after CNY..available for sale for serious buyers..thanks!!(All sold out!!thanks to all buyers!!)

1)Maskot Cts-$45(sold)

2)Maskot Ct -$45(Sold thanks to buyers)

Maskot female(Sold to above fish,thanks to buyers)

3)Maskot Ct -$45(sold)

4)Maskot Ct -$30(sold thanks to buyers)

5)Orange HM -$40(sold)

8)Black Copper Ct-$50(sold)

12)Copper Marble Hmpk-$35(sold)

13)Black Copper Marble HMpk -$40(sold to other buyer)

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